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Our Food is Our Cure:
An introduction to how our diet can fuel and heal our bodies. 

The #1 New Year's resolution made around the world is to lose weight and eat healthier, but what should this healthier diet really look like? 
If we ask most doctors and mainstream nutrition experts, they give us advice based on information that's over 30 years-old, and proven not to work.  Magazines trumpet the latest fad diets based on whatever new guru or celebrity is doing it.  It's time we apply the most up-to-date scientific research along with centuries-old traditions to unleash the power of a proper diet. 
In this introductory session, we will cover an overview of the following topics and more:
  • Why microbes in our body and our food are essential to our health and longevity
  • How our bodies respond to fats, carbs, sugars and the shocking reality of a low-fat diet
  • Ways our food can greatly reduce the risks of our most common, deadly diseases like cancer, heart disease and more
  • Why degenerative neurological diseases are on the rise, and what we can do about it now 
  • Easy ways to prepare healthy, nutrient-dense meals on a budget and tight schedule
Join us as we share practical, scientifically-proven principles guaranteed to get you and your family the real, lasting results you're looking for.

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5676 Faircrest ST SW, Canton, OH 44708    |    330-412-2544    |    info@zoefarms.com
Farm hours:  Friday and Saturday 9am - 6pm or by appointment