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"FOR REAL" Free Range Eggs

Zoe Farms Free Range Eggs
"When you couldn't supply us with eggs for a few weeks this summer, I thought I found something to replace them. When we got yours again... It's not even close.  Your eggs take our house-made pasta to another level.  They're awesome." Max Hughes - Executive Chef, Lucca Downtown. Winner, Best Restaurant in Stark County 4yrs in a row. 
"I've not had farm-fresh eggs like this in 40yrs. Now my family knows how an egg should be!"  Kelly S
"My family - especially my son won't eat any other eggs. We are so spoiled." Monica J
The USDA Law for using the word "free range" is exactly worded as follows: "Producers must demonstrate to the Agency that the poultry has been allowed access to the outside."  With very rare exception, this means a producer can have 100,000 hens in a barn and open up some doors to the outside. If you're buying eggs from a store - this is most likely the case.
Free range to us means more than just having “access” to the outside.  We have a Hen Hotel. It's a mobile chicken coop on wheels that actually gets moved to fresh forage every day. They eat grass, clover, seeds, bugs and worms along with a whole grain, non-GMO ration we source from a local Amish mill. 
The end result is an egg that is richer in color, firmer in texture and unbelievably superior in flavor. Once you've had "FOR REAL" free range eggs, anything else will be a letdown. 
Order Online
On Farm - we offer our eggs two ways:
1. Weekly reserved pickups are $4.00/doz. To get this price, you agree to pickup your eggs every week. If this is you, EMAIL us with your name, phone number and how many dozen eggs you want on a weekly basis. 
2. Walk-up - these are $5.00/doz and are on the "available" shelf at The Caboose
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