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Chemical Free Fruit and Vegetables

Zoe Farms Chemical-Free Fruits & Vegetables
The foundation of our chemical-free food production system begins in the soil. Everything we grow is a direct result of soil biodiversity and strict attention to the health of the soil food web. Plants are provided the right nutrients, at the right time, in the right quantities by trillions of microbes living in symbiotic relationships around the root zones and on plant surfaces. We don’t apply chemicals of any kind. Period. These methodologies not only produce strong, disease resistant plants but also the most amazing taste ever.  
These microbes are our internal gut allies as well. We’ve all been taught to wash our produce before consuming it. We encourage the exact opposite. Every leaf of kale, every slice of tomato has billions of probiotic microbes that are essential for our health. Our soil is full of life, and a little bit of it on our lettuce is good. If our patrons want it washed off, we allow them the choice to do it in their homes.
Fresh produce is available at The Caboose starting mid-May. 
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5676 Faircrest ST SW, Canton, OH 44708    |    330-412-2544    |    info@zoefarms.com
Farm hours:  Friday and Saturday 9am - 6pm or by appointment