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Immunity Boosting Chicken Bone Broth: A Simple Way to Better Health

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This past holiday season, a nasty cold virus arrived un-welcomed in our household. We heard about the same bug spreading around through friends and family. We listened to these same folks talk about what they’re taking and how they’re dealing with it. In almost every case, someone was taking some form of pharmaceutical. A few were prescribed antibiotics from their doctor, but most were using over-the counter concoctions (the kind in TV ads) to combat their symptoms.
We went to battle in a different way, and our main weapon was our chicken one broth. Let’s be clear, we deployed everything in our arsenal: medicinal herb extracts, medicinal mushrooms, proper hydration, probiotic drinks/yogurts, fresh greens and ample rest. The backbone of our battle plan however, is always the broth… and lots of it. It gives us the high-intensity nutrition to fight hard… and win.
What does winning look like? Let’s put it this way: all of our friends/family have had this little bug lingering for two weeks. They’re still coughing, congested and weak. We beat it in 4 days and the lingering symptoms were totally gone in six days. In other words, we went from full-on miserable sick, back to 100%, full-throttle feeling good in 6 days. For some people, this bug will be the start to a multi-month struggle against one infection or another. We’re standing up to the next one with completely renewed strength.
What’s the secret in this chicken bone broth that gives us such amazing power to crush these evil intruders so swiftly? It starts with high-quality ingredients. This article is not meant to be about methods of production like soil fertility and poultry feed practices. It must be mentioned, however that we are starting with the most nutrient dense ingredients, grown without chemicals. With that being stated, store-bought, USDA Organic is good enough. Rather than go into any detail about the benefits of the individual ingredients we use, the following links will provide you with answers to the “WHY” we use them.
It’s important to pay special attention to something we mentioned briefly in the beginning: we consume A LOT of broth when we’re sick. We have numerous ways of doing this, but it’s safe to say we each consume about one quart per person per day until we’re feeling 100% recovered. Because it takes at least 24hours to make a fresh batch of good chicken broth, we always have at least 4 quarts frozen at any given time. The minute we feel like we’re fighting something, we immediately start with our chicken bone broth treatment. If we feel like something is coming on really hard, like this last holiday bug, we go into all-out battle nutrition mode.
Making great bone broth isn’t just for the times we are sick. It’s actually quite rare we even pick up a flu/cold bug to begin with. We feel it’s because we have bone broth in some form or another at least three times per week throughout the fall/winter/spring season. It’s not at all like taking medicine, this stuff tastes amazing! It’s our food. Our food is our medicine!

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