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Butternut Squash for Breakfast?

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We’ve probably all heard that breakfast is our most important meal of the day. That’s not just some old-wives tale, it’s true. If we feed our body and brain with the right fuel first thing in the morning, we’re going to have a much better, energy-filled day.
Often times, our hectic lives cause us to rush through this important meal. We grab what’s easy and we go, but we don’t go very far. If we have some pancakes, a bagel or even a “healthy” bowl of stone-cut oatmeal, we’re going to “crash” between 10-11AM. The crash comes harder if we added a glass of OJ to this meal. A crash like this typically feels like a lack of energy, or a desire to eat.
Here we provide a simple breakfast that’s easy to prepare ahead of time for the grab-and-go type person. It’s low in sugar, low in carbs and super high in good vitamins and fats to carry us through the day. Our experience with this butternut squash breakfast is amazing. We eat it about 4 times per week.
The best part is that we harvested these squash from our backyard garden this fall! We can find a zillion butternut squash soup recipes all over the internet… but we’ve never seen it used like this as a breakfast. Does this make it our own creation? Maybe… we just hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

5676 Faircrest ST SW, Canton, OH 44708    |    330-412-2544    |    info@zoefarms.com
Open Monday – Saturday 9AM-6PM | Closed Sunday