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Permaculture Swales Improve Soil Structure

December 01, 2015 at 9:27 AM

 I’ve been reading all about these swales for a few years and how they change a landscape forever.  After only 18 months, I’m beginning to see with my own eyes the impact they are having on the land here at ZOE Farms.  More importantly however, I’m beginning to FEEL their impact.

When I was running our sub-soiler the other day, I was amazed at how easy the shank pulled through the earth when I was on the down-slope section of a swale.  For 18 months now, these permaculture swales have been capturing water and slowly infiltrating it into the landscape.  This isn’t a little bit of water either.  We’re talking about millions of gallons being percolated into the surrounding soil.

All of this water is hydrating the soil like a dish sponge.  Ever grab a dried out dish sponge that’s hard as a rock?   After holding it in the water for a few seconds, it becomes soft and usable once again. The same is happening with our soil.  By creating a water-retention landscape, we’re changing everything on the land.

It’s great to read about all this stuff and watch videos – but I must say it’s something quite different to experience it first-hand.  We’ll be constructing nearly a half-mile of new permaculture swales this spring at ZOE Farms.  We’ll look forward to having some folks out for a hands-on experience building them with us.

Till then – discover something wonderful every day and never stop learning!

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5676 Faircrest ST SW, Canton, OH 44708    |    330-412-2544    |    info@zoefarms.com
Farm hours:  Friday and Saturday 9am - 6pm or by appointment