We welcome guest from all over the world at ZOE Farms.  If we’re not knee deep in a project on the farm, we always enjoy sharing our experiences with people looking for that first-hand encounter.  Reading all the books in the world about healing landscapes doesn’t compare to feeling it yourself!
Please do not just show up though! Contact us by email or phone so we can be sure someone is here and able to show you around. 

Contact Us:
5676 Faircrest ST SW
Canton, OH 44706
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Category: Building a Sustainable Farm
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had an affinity toward critters. Before I was five years old, I remember feeding fresh worms to the baby robins living above our apartment balcony. When I w…
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Category: Building a Sustainable Farm
At first glance, you might think you’re going to be reading a story about music… that is, unless you already know what symbiosis is all about. If we take a look at Webster’s textbook de…
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